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The Future

of Science

September 21–23, 2022

Scientific and humanistic disciplines are facing a crisis: their historically evolved research interests seem ill-suited to addressing our era’s most pressing environmental, societal, and ethical challenges. The current state of humanity requires us to rethink—but not unthink—some of the basic tenets of scientific knowledge.

The Elkana Forum tackles this crisis at its root, by interrogating the very research questions that science poses. What different questions are needed to reestablish a meaningful relationship between science and real-life challenges today and in the future? This interdisciplinary forum brings together leading intellectuals to explore the scope for change at the interface between science and politics.

The inspiration for the Elkana Forum is the visionary philosopher and historian of science Yehuda Elkana, who argued that science urgently needs to find new ways to select its research questions. Our first event, “Disciplines in Disarray,” marks the tenth anniversary of Elkana’s death on September 21, 2012.